Back Pain – Know Some Important Causes

Back pain may be caused due to various reasons. For example, your stressful daily work routine or any serious medical condition may cause pain in your back. However, there are some particular health conditions that become equally important to understand for a quick recovery from the problem. Here are some medical conditions that may lead to this severely painful condition.

Spinal Stenosis

This is a specific condition, which can cause pain in your back. The condition is characterized by a narrow spinal canal space. This narrow space results from herniated discs or pressure exerted by arthritis bone spurs on your spinal cord.


This is another serious medical state leading to back pain. In this condition one vertebra slips over the other one in spine. This problem is commonly associated with adults because disks and ligaments get degenerated. Both ligaments and disks play an important role in supporting as well as binding the spine. Spondylolisthesis narrows down the space vertebrae that further leads to heavy pressure on nerve roots. Subsequently, it becomes quite a painful experience for you. Therefore understanding all those factors that lead or may lead to the problem must be clearly understood. Only a good understanding of the situation may help in finding effective ways to deal with it.

Herniated Discs

Managing aches needs a clear understanding of your condition and causes responsible for it. For instance, herniated discs may cause acute back ache and as a result needs to be treated differently. The condition is characterized by a weak disc portion putting pressure on few intervertebral disc portions in the central portion of the disc. Subsequently, you may feel irritation in nerve root causing severe pain in arms, neck, back and leg.


This is one more normal medical situation also called DDD or degenerative disc disease. Here, discs present between vertebrae slowly start deteriorating. As you grow older, the condition adversely affects the moisture present in intervertebral disc within spine. This further narrows space between vertebrae. If you find this specific condition in your body, immediately consult a doctor. Always seek expert treatment under this kind of a situation. Home remedies may not work in this particular case of back ache.

Opine Spine Surgery Failure

In the event of having gone through an open spine surgery, chances are that you may feel pain in upper or lower back region. Some back problems are bound to take place particularly in case of a laminectomy, fusion or discectomy. Simply put, in medical terms all such conditions are called failed back surgery syndrome.

There are many conditions that can cause different types of aches. However, understanding some critical ones always proves helpful in right diagnosis as well as treatment of the problem. All above mentioned medical conditions may lead to back related problems. So, be careful and always take quick decisions regarding treatment of such serious conditions. Back pain is curable provided you do not take it lightly and follow a good approach to cure it. Never hesitate to consult your doctor because he can provide you with the right insight into the problem. Follow a good daily routine and never put yourself under unnecessary work related burden.

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