Selecting Measurable Goals Can Improve Employee Performance Dramatically

Information technology companies, like a web development company, often their employees to submit their yearly goal sheet as well as declare their own goals. The goals from the companies often are shared with selected top employees or with every employee of the company or even with the world. But, at the end of the year, most these goals are forgotten, let apart measuring the achievements against the proposed targets. This is why adopting measurable goals can help IT companies to do a SWOT analysis at the end of the year.

This should start with assessing the previous year. Questions like, “how did I/we perform on cost cutting” or “what was our exact average software development life cycle (SDLC)” can really help people and companies to know where they stand exactly. There can be two major answers which you can expect from this analysis, namely the areas you were winning and the areas you were losing.

After you are done with pointing out your strengths and weaknesses, you should proceed to select goals. Not every issue can be addressed simultaneously so here you need to sort out the priority list and give the top rankings to the most urgent issues.

Here comes the tricky part. These chosen objectives must be measurable using one way or the other. This is the only way to ensure that you can get a better vision of your improvement throughout the year. A resolution like “I shall get more clients” is never a great resolution as this doesn’t specify any measure and thus is not measurable at all. The measurable version of the same resolution can be “I shall increase the client count by 30%”. An even better version will be that which breaks it down periodically, for example “I will increase client count by 2.5% every month”. This will let you know where you stand exactly during any month of the year.

Frankly this thing is easier said than done, like every other case. This comes from the root human psychology which resists any change. Mental roadblocks are one stiffest obstacle which you must fight off to accomplish this task.

As most of the resolutions are broken one or two month after those are made, it will be very commendable if you create monthly or quarterly sub-measures. These sub-measures will not only remind you of your goals but also will also tell you where you should have been and where you stand actually.

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